I am a person of contrasts: I am shy, but I can be daring too, I have moments when anything can make me cry and moments when nothing can put a tear on my face, I sometimes talk too much and other times I am completely silent, I can be good and dutiful but also naughty and crazy, there are moments when my actions are pretty predictable and moments when I can totally surprise you. Shortly you can say that I am cute but psycho. Nevertheless, there are some things about me that I can assure you of: I am a loving and caring person. I love people very much, I love to help them and bring a smile on their faces. I think that is very important to always see the good part in people, to support them when they are in need, to give them hope when they are desperate. I am also a person who constantly feels the need of love. Although I am a solitary person I often feel the need of a human being who can offer me love and who can complete me. I love books and nature. Two of my biggest desires in this life are to read many books and to travel as much as I can. I am a person who cares a lot about principles and values. For me, honesty, respect, punctuality, responsibility are very important. I am a passionate person. For me sex is not just sex, is not just a game, is not just lust and desire, it is passion and art. I like to see sex as naked poetry. I am working on this vision: one day I will be everything I dreamed to become and when I will look in the mirror I will be proud to see my own masterpiece. For me being here on this website is an opportunity to achieve my goals but also to grow as a person. I want to make of this a beautiful and complete experience. I think that is amazing that every time I am online I have the feeling that I am in different corners of the world in the same time. Here I want to meet lots of people from different cultures and with different mentalities, I want to hear lots of life stories and experiences. Those who want to be in my room have to know that for me it is essential to be respectful. I don't like rude people and I totally hate fights. We can have debates but never fights. I want a peaceful atmosphere in my room. One last thing about me: I am a total chaos but a chaos made of love and kindness and madness and poetry. So.. do you want to play with my chaos?

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Model Profile

Name LaurenRay
Age 24
Category Females 18-34
Height 158 cm
Weight 44 kg
Hair Color Brown hair
Eye Color Green
Ethnicity White
Measurement 78-62-91
Show Mode Free
Language(s) French, English, Spanish